The Marathon Markup Language - Player Element: <player>

This kind of element specifies various player-character features, such as starting energy, starting oxygen, rebellion-map stripped energy (specified with attributes), and starting items, damage types, and powerup durations (specified with child elements). The attributes are:

Note: the oxygen depletion and replenishment rates can be negative if one so desires.

The starting items can be set with an element of <item>, which has attributes:

Both of them are mandatory. The first weapon in the list is the one that will get used. The default list is:

The responses to various kinds of damage can be set with an element of <damage>, which has attributes:

If there is none of something, then it gets a value of -1. Soft death for sprites can also be specified with a -1.

The durations of the powerups can be said with an element of <powerup>. It has these attributes

  • invisibility (default: 2100 or 70 seconds)
  • invincibility (default: 1500 or 50 seconds)
  • extravision (default: 5400 or 3 minutes)
  • infravision (default: 5400 or 3 minutes)
These have a value of the number of engine ticks the powerup lasts; an engine tick is 1/30 second.